What Is A Boudoir Shoot And Why Is It Important?

Boudoir shoots are becoming more and more popular, but what is the difference between boudoir and other types of shoots? A boudoir shoot captures a woman’s sensuality.

It is not about nudity, it is about feeling comfortable in your own skin. And boudoir doesn’t have the same goals as an editorial shoot or anything like that. It’s all about capturing your natural beauty–how you feel when you’re not trying too hard! Boudoir shots are less about how you look and more about how you feel inside.

The benefits from doing a boudoir shoot for women is that it is a great way for a woman to feel confident and sexy. Boudoir photography is an empowering experience that is both therapeutic and sensual. It is also something that you will be a forever reminder of the amazing, spirited and courageous woman that you are.

There are many ways to prepare for a boudoir shoot, and your photographer should provide you with plenty of advice, tips, and ideas for your shoot. But the biggest concern that most of my clients have is anxiety. I have felt what they feel, I know the thoughts that go on in their head and I too have second guessed the idea of walking into my shoot.

This is why, I will constantly communicate with my clients. We have open, honest consultations about their expectations, what their fears are and the reason they are doing the shoot. I provide my clients with guides that they can read over a coffee, links to my IG TV channel and IG Reels, where I share many preparation ideas, but the most important thing is that I communicate often with my client.

Regarding what to wear, my advise is always – wear something that shows off your curves like a body suit, etc., and bring a set each of: white and black underwear (bra and high waisted knickers suit every body type). I have a boudoir accessories wardrobe in my studio that I offer to all my clients i.e. silk/lace robes, men’s business shirts/waist coats, etc., because I want them to less stressed trying to figure out what to wear and instead, really enjoy the day where they are the focus of being pampered. I also offer hair and makeup by one of my amazing stylists, so all they need to do is show up!

I hope you’ve found the answers to your questions in this blog post. If not, please comment below and I will do my best to help answer them for you!

Please remember that if there is anything else that you need assistance with or any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at: Instagram @melissamillsboudoir, or via my Website melissamillsportraiture.com.au

With just a little bit of preparation and knowledge about how boudoir shoots work, it may be easier than ever before to have an amazing photo of yourself – one where YOU are confident and empowered.

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