OMG! We Are Producing A Podcast

Have you ever wanted to produce something so bad, that it consumed your thoughts?

Like, it has lived inside of your mind, heart and soul for so long that you never actually DREAMED of it ever coming true, but you just knew with every cell of your body, that it one day would? Well that ‘one day’ has become TODAY folks, because we are now the producers of our very own podcast!

Folks, Ima going to be straight up honest with you. I am an introvert. I am an empath. I am a loner.

This means that although I totally love and am in love with my passion – photography – it ignites the hell out of me. Because I LOVE to hear the stories that other people share with me. I love to capture them looking their totally stunning, beautiful and amazing self, and I LOVE creating one-of-a-kind photographs and wall art that will grace the homes of my happy and loyal clients.

And the energy it gives to me is MASSIVE!

I give SOOOO much to the person in front of my camera and I shower them with all my love, attention, skills, knowledge and service, that when they are gone, and it’s just me, alone in my studio. I am wrecked!

The music goes off.

I clean my studio in complete and total silence.

I will drink over 3litres of water at EVERY shoot.

And when I have locked up my studio, have to lay down, close my eyes, and just forget about life and sleep for at minimum 2hrs after each shoot.

And don’t even have the energy to eat before I sleep!


Yet at every session, I will FEEL my clients energy SO powerfully it literally jolts and shocks my own body and energy, like a plug being placed into a socket and then gets switched on for the first time.

So when I say to new clients that I get you, what I am really saying is:


I understand you

I know you

I feel you

I have been you

So how does all this link with what I am about to excitedly share with you now!??

Well……not only will you continue to get every ounce of my love, energy, service, skills and knowledge when you book with me for a photo shoot. BUT you can now listen to me share in real time, that very same passion in my hot-off-the-press podcast:

Let’s Eat Chocolate

Let me tell you, I have been dreaming about this day for 3+ years now. As an addictive podcast listener myself, I deeply wanted to host my own podcast, but I had no friggin idea how to go about producing a podcast! Yet, I never allowed that to stop me. I searched, trialed, then searched some more on how to make a podcast. I needed to find a way to get my voice, my wisdom, my knowledge, my passion, into a podcast.

And now that it is FINALLY here and I feel like curling up on my bed and just crying. (good tears of course!).

Because all that hoping, all that frustration, all that energy and wishing and wanting…..all that banging my head against my own office desk…..all of that has FINALLY FINALLY paid off.

And I could not be prouder than I am right now!!!

Did you miss the link? The link to the newest, latest, most funkiest, podcast to hit the airwaves yet!?

Well here is it for ya’ all again: Let’s Eat Chocolate

Come on over, join me to listen in for short, sweet, salted mouthfuls of gooey truth and wisdom, that will have laughter, fun and a whole bag full of joy especially crafted just for you!

I can’t wait to meet you over there friend xxx

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