For ladies of all ages,
and all body types.

WE FOCUS ON class and gorgeous boudoir  exclusively AT our studio, because of you!

You are deserving to feel amazing, look sexy, and make it all about yourself, without any JUDGMENT or negative self-talk.

With our extensive professional knowledge and experience IN photo sessions, we take away all the pressures, so you have an incredible time and unleash your inner goddess. 

 This entire experience is empowering!




HOW THE SESSION WORKS - There is no Booking Fee (weekends incur a $499 Booking Fee)

Before the Shoot you will receive a Private Personal Consult with Melissa to design and style your ENTIRE Boudoir Session, PLUS:

An Exclusively Yours Information Pack filled with - our Contact Vendor List of other local small businesses that specialise in various beauty, nail and skin treatments that Melissa has personally used and knows her clients have all loved visiting to add that extra special selflove/selfcare to your experience; samples of how Wall Art and Print Collection have been used, to give you ideas on how you display your gorgeous images in your own home; our full Studio Pricelists and PayRight payment option details, so you can make an informed decision about your purchase investment; Melissa's own 'How to Prepare for Your Session' Guide; a full Q&A list to help ease any nerves you may have.

You will also have
Exclusive direct access to Melissa as not just your photographer, but as your bestie/friend/PA/and confidant, for your ENTIRE journey to help with: answering ALL of your questions; assist with choosing your vendors (and personally arrange your appointments), coffee (or wine) dates to unpack all your anxiety/nerves and make this THE most incredible experience you've ever had!

On the day of the shoot
 you’ll arrive knowing that everything is pre-prepared Just for YOU.
  • First, you'll step into Melissa's Studio and we'll get you setup and ready for your Session. 
  • Then, Melissa will guide you through your whole photo shoot and pose you right down to your pinky toe, in her private, air-conditioned Studio.
  • Immediately after your Session, you'll get to view the gorgeous images, and you purchase what you absolutely love.

what you can expect for your session

"Nothing is too much trouble. Melissa made my experience having my photos taken feel natural. I came away from the experience with more than "just" photos! I came away with a feeling of confidence and self worth. Melissa is amazing and crazy talented! Highly recommend for anyone who wants stylish photos."



Mum & Support Worker

love is such a powerful energy....

I have been a photographer for over 7 years, and every time I learn something new.
There is a very real power in creating a space where a person can just be themselves and this is what I do. I love the process of understanding people and the depths of their full life. Their journeys, their pain, their triumphs, their emotions.
Because it is a path that I, myself, know well.
My ability to capture authenticity is my passion because everybody is deserving of being seen and heard.

About Melissa Mills

Melissa photographed many women and many have said that photo sessions with Melissa have been 'EMPOWERING' and that they feel that they have been 'SEEN' for the first time in such a long time. Melissa goes to great lengths to create a space that is warm, inviting and welcoming for each and every one of her clients. 

These sessions are a truly one-of-a-kind VIP and your Boudoir Session is a full production designed to YOU. Melissa has taken great care to ensure EVERY little detail is thought of for you.

So your entire experience is infused with so much care and love because you are deserving of exactly that!

This session is about YOU. 
It is important that you honour yourself with the grace, time and permission to just be yourself, without any other thoughts or concerns. 
If you feel that you need emotional support of a friend (and trust me! I understand this). just let me know when we arrange your Personal Consultation. 

When you get inside your own head, the chatter and self loath can be really difficult to hear, let alone, manage.
But, if you can just step through the door, we will be there to walk this empowering journey with you. We got you Girl xoxo

This session includes a full wardrobe and styling appointment with Melissa and her team. Together, you will go through colours, styles, how to prepare, what to bring. etc., 

This session is all about capturing you and we ensure that you can show up feeling well prepared, without any pressure

Immediately after your session, together, we go through all your photographs to help you decide only the best. After you have made your selection, you can expect your images in 4-6weeks after your photo shoot date (or when payment of your order is finalised for those clients on payment plans).

Here is a rough idea of a timeline:

Enquiry - 24-48hr from receiving your call/email.
Consult - within 1 week of initial enquiry
Wardrobe & Styling Consult - approx. 3 weeks before shoot date.
Shoot Day - usually 5-6 weeks from initial enquiry date.
Private Reveal - immediately after shoot (unless out of town)
Order Received - 4-6 weeks after Reveal date.

The very first step is yours. AND after that, it's US.
From the Consultation through to the delivery of your images, every little thing I have covered with so much attention to detail, so all that is needed is You.

One. Final. Thought :- What do you believe, is your strongest virtue?
Is it courage, love, honesty, etc,.

Ready to get Started?

**Please Note: when you respond, you are giving permission for Melissa from Melissa Mills Studio to contact you to discuss Boudoir studio photography sessions and that you are 18 or over, understand that there is no Booking Fee for weekdays (Weekends incur a $499 Booking Fee).