Stepping Into The Uncomfortable

Why do you need photographs of yourself!?

Let me switch that up a bit and ask…..when was the last time you were photographed by a professional photographer???

I’m the first to admit that being in a space where you have to trust that the person will take photographs of you that don’t show all your wobbly bits, hide your double chin, or those arms that you hate, is one huge leap. I can vividly remember when I was photographed by a professional photographer in her studio.

Terrified doesn’t even come close to how I was feeling!!

But here’s the thing……I now have these gorgeous colour and black and white photographs of me that hang on my walls and constantly remind me of the beautifully spirited women I am. But the ultimate thing, is knowing that my daughters and granddaughters have a role model who isn’t afraid to be who she is, exactly as she is.

Not the women who thought that she was never good enough; never pretty enough; never skinny or model material; But actually one sexy goddess of a woman!!

And that can be you too! And all you have to do is ask. Simply talk to your photographer and tell he/she about the woman YOU want to see in your photographs. And don’t use stereotypical ‘magazine’ ideas.

Instead use adjectives: glamourous, goddess, spirited, youthful, empowered, courageous…..

Don’t you and those who love you deserve to own a beautiful photograph of you!?

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