Glitz. Fun. Fashion. And Connecting With Purpose

I cannot lie…..I LOVE to meet new people!!!

I understand for most, the thought of walking up to complete strangers and engaging them in a conversation is the most daunting and terrifying feeling. If given a choice, most people would rather sit in the dark, praying not to get noticed. And yes – I once felt exactly that way too!

But I realised very quickly, that if I don’t take the chance and talk to people, then I will miss out on hearing some of the most inspiring, amazing and funny stories that they are only to willing share.

And just recently, I was part of an event that really, could be considered as the Event of the Year, hosted by a local group of women, whose whole focus is about female empowerment, connection and celebrating their amazingness (Regional Women’s Network CQ) – It’s All About A Glamourous You!

It was glamour, champagne, cocktails, 2 fashion shows, food and other amazing business women sharing their passions too. And the backdrop I was provided by CocoBrew, in my stall space to photograph these inspiring women, was simply perfection – a chocolate winged-back arm chair, low lighting, a rustic side table and a small posy of flowers!

Each women that graced this spot, shared a little of themselves with me, before and after taking their photograph. And for that, I was humbled beyond words. And all trusted me enough to pose them, so they looked empowered, spirited and gorgeous, even if they were in their work uniforms! Now that truly says something.

But the most important lesson that each one of those women taught me……….step into your fear, even if your knees are knocking!

Because photo shoots can be really daunting and the fear of doing one is crippling for most. But these women, they did it anyway……..and that to me, that’s courage ten-fold.

So to these women from the RWNCQ Event, I say – You inspired me into courage. Thank You xx

And to the women out there who are still waiting for permission to step into their awesomeness……..what are you waiting for!? Let’s connect.

And let’s create your dream photo shoot together.

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