She’s Not Skinny….But She Is Beautiful!

The idea that woman need to be thought of as skinny to be sexy is a HUGE big peeve of mine!!!

Society has this idea that if you’re not thin, then you are less than. THAT IS JUST NOT TRUE!

You are the most important person in your life and society should never be dictating what is attractive to YOU!

Be confident in who you are because it will shine through for everyone else to see too. The world needs more women who love themselves unconditionally, so let’s start with Toni!

When I first met Toni, her whole aura shone with absolute complete beauty and like a moth to a flame, I knew that she was a person I wanted to have as a trusted confidant and as a friend. Toni is giving, loyal, fun and a whole lot of quirky sass that appealed to my inner mischievous side.

Fast forward to over 7 years and we are still amazing friends. In fact….we are sisters and we can still talk for 3hrs on the phone about absolutely nothing, but yet, everything!

Toni will be the first to say that she has had her own personal battles with her body, how she see’s it and her lack of feeling sexy. Her brutal honesty on this topic is so courageous to bear witness too. And these are her daily struggles. Which as women, I know we can ALL relate too.

Yet Toni has been in front of my camera a total of 5 times and with each session, she continues to just blossom into more loveliness; more confidence and much more sure of her own sensual being and in her womanhood.

I know that not every women is a model. In fact, all of my clients are just like you. Everyday woman – stay at home mothers, teachers, grandma’s, cleaners, etc., – and that is the beauty of what I do.

Because you don’t need to be a model to feel gorgeous and confident.

You just need someone who believes in you as much as they believe in themselves–someone like me!

When we work together on your photo session, what size or shape you are isn’t how we go about designing your session. Because my studio doesn’t focus on body types. I focus on photographing ALL women in the most extraordinary of ways.

My team and I give ALL women a model for the day experience. Professional makeup, hair, wardrobe and beauty advise and guides PLUS fully guided posing in your session from me from where to place your pinky finger, right down to how to pose your feet.

This experience is a powerful experience.

A confidence booster.

A sensual journey.

And a way to see your beauty as the rest of the world does.

I specialize in focusing on you and all you have to do is show up and trust the process.

Ready? Let’s do this!

Fill out the Contact Us form at the bottom of my website and I can’t wait to meet you Girl xoxo

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