Manifesto Of The Courageous And Scarred

There is no greater threat to a Woman, than to look in the mirror and see that time has aged her.

The wrinkles. The crows feet. The double chin.

The skin that was once soft and subtle is now sun worn, patchy and blotched.

But her eyes…….they still remain the same.

With a twinkle of mischievousness and a flash that can silence anyone in just one look.

Her eyes, they speak on their own terms.

They whisper from her soul of beauty and care.

They’ve cried with her in triumph and heartbreak. In lust and in love.

They’ve been witness to the unspoken truths.

And conceal the most intimate of thoughts.

Yet, will soften like marshmallows, at the coo’ of a babe in her arms.

You need to understand; it is not her thighs, her waist or her boobs, that makes her beautiful.

Even she knows that all these will always change.

No……if want to know her story, to sing her truth, or listen to her heart.

Look no further than her eyes.

For in them, no pretense will ever be hidden.

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