What To Know About Studio Photo Shoots

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I am often asked “Do you do location sessions?” and my answer is “Yes. But there is an extra cost involved.”

As the client, you will have a fair idea about what you want from a photo shoot, and yes, the outdoor location shoots they do seem beautiful, but have you considered that a studio photo shoot may be a great option that you’re overlooking?

Those dreamy photos with sunsets, sunrises, beach or park scenes, I agree do look nice and I have done my fair share of these types of photo shoots. But before the extra cost value of locations shoots, comes the massive amount of work and planning – and I am not talking about just the photographer either.

You as the client, will have to do some major arranging and managing, especially if it’s more than just yourself for the photo shoot. Let’s chat about these:

  • First, there are others. If you intend to have your husband/partner, your kids, the grandparents, Aunties, etc., in your location photo shoot session, you will have to manage ALL of them! And this will include:
  • Arranging a day and time that suits everyone. We are all so busy and this is the number one ‘headache’ that my clients tell me is their biggest issue. It can be really hard to lock in a date that everyone has available, because remember, a photo shoot can last between 2-4hrs depending.
  • Dressing everyone appropriately. Now……I love to clothes shop like most, but when it comes to selecting outfits for your partner, your kids and even your Nan, it can be challenging! Even more so if you’re going to have 2-3 outfits per person. And then there is the cleaning, steaming, not to mention trying to keep the kids from spilling anything on their clothes (and that’s just on the drive TO the location!).
  • Arranging snacks and drinks – kids especially will need these. It’s really important that everyone is hydrated and tummy’s are full, with drinks and snacks available, because an empty stomach leads to a very disgruntled and not co-operative child. And a difficult child/children is the vex of many Mums (as a Mum and Nan myself, I know exactly how frustrating it can be trying to entice a smile or happiness out of a sad child).
  • Making sure everyone knows where the location is and that everyone on time.
  • Arranging transportation for those who don’t have a car or for those who are unable to drive.

These are just some of the things you, as the client, will need to manage for location photo shoots. Because to your photographer, you are the client and as their client, they will only deal directly with you and instead of being a fun, beautiful experience, could end up being hugely stressful and completely exhausting!

A studio photo shoot with me however, is much more inviting and fun for all.

When I meet with my clients for their photo shoot, we discuss EVERYTHING! From outfits, makeup, hair, time, who will be in the photographs, their individual personalities, what types of photographs they are wanting to capture and SO MUCH MORE.

It is my job to give you so much love, service and planning, so that all you need to do is arrive knowing everything is sorted and ready! Leaving you feeling so relaxed and happy.

And when you are ready to experience my incredible services, you’ll find my details when you click: Rockhampton Professional Winning Photographer (melissamillsstudio.com.au)

What To Know About Studio Photo Shoots with Melissa Mills Studio

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