The Myths and Facts Behind The Strength Courage and Wisdom of Women

from inside the photography studio

I can honestly say, all the women who I have met, talked with and photographed over my career, have all taught or brought with them, some kind of lesson that I needed to find out about myself.

The lessons, they have been wrapped in harsh, scrapping sandpaper and they’ve also come smelling of sweet, freshly blossomed roses. BUT don’t mistake my words for anything less than gratitude. For I am a committed and driven lifelong learner in all the areas of my life and I love to learn from others.

Just yesterday, while enjoying the company and conversations with a client, I had learnt that it has been some time since I took stock of my business and I realised that I need to block out a day in the studio, to go back and revisit ALL the areas of my business, including my Brand. And I am fine with doing that.

Why!?? Because I know that my growth, it has been like a Fishbone Diagram: fast and continually moving.

And just like a fish escaping the glistening sharp jaws of a great white, we as women, are ALWAYS on the move, never really giving ourselves time to take stock. Time to celebrate our wins – big and small. Time to course correct our goals. Or even just the time to quieten our mind…. take long deep breathes and relax.

Two of the most common myths and facts of women that:

I am strong, capable and can do it thanks!” – MYTH: no-one person can ever do everything. That just leads to exhaustion – mentally, emotionally and physically. We really do appreciate it when, instead of waiting to be asked, you get in and just do. Especially if it’s jobs around the house – washing, cleaning, dishes, etc., or helping out with the kids – occupy them, drive them to their activities, feed them, take them out WITHOUT us, so we can have an hour or two to ourselves, etc. Not only does it show us that you care, but it also takes another item off massive our To-Do lists.

Awww…thank you. I love that!” – FACT: the notion that someone thought and acted for us, before themselves, we ladies really do love this. And it doesn’t necessarily need to be big things. Small things like – making us a cuppa even if we didn’t ask for it; taking our car and filling it up because you heard us mention it for our next To-Do, over dinner; opening the door for us; kissing our hand (because chivalry NEVER goes out of fashion).

We are not asking mountains to be moved or decrees be made in our honour…..our needs…they really are quite simple.

Us ladies want to be:




It’s not complex. It’s not demanding. It’s not difficult.

Because we know that YOU feel, want and need the very same thing too!

I am grateful for all those women who share their insight, wisdom, courage and stories with me during our time together in and outside of, the Studio.

It is because of them that I continue to go out and challenge myself in the world, regardless of the hurdles, the pain and the being comfortable, being uncomfortable. Because only in those times do we grow.

There have and will always be, newer iterations of the versions that we see ourselves as. Each will carry scars, and yet, each needs to be celebrated. Because in each lesson we find a truth, or we demystify a myth.

My greatest wish for you… is that your are SEEN. You are HEARD. And that you are LOVED.

Mel xx

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