Elevating Style: A Fashion Collaboration with a Small Business

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In the world of fashion, innovation often merges from unexpected place. While we often look to renowned designers and fashion houses for the latest trends, there is a growing movement towards upcycling by embracing local talent and fostering unique collaborations.

In today’s post, I want to take you on an exciting journey I had with a local small business that is in the upcycling fashion and how together we transformed how the models felt and their wardrobe ideas but also our perspective on sustainable, community-driven fashion.

The Genesis of the Collaboration

Every collaboration has a story, and ours began when I went on the search for a comfortable, and beautiful outfit for a Gala Event and it brought together two creative forces: a passionate fashion lover and a visionary creative photographer. Barb, a talented local small business owner at – Victoria’s Closet, Rockhampton – always meets her customers with a beautiful smile and exactly where they are! She has an incredible ability to open her customers up to the possibilities of gorgeous styling with pieces from her within her store.

I have a passion for photography and deeply ingrained within this, is gorgeous, extravagant styling matched with visionary and authentic yet, sustainable fashion for all body types and ages! Our spark of collaboration was ignited the moment I purchased a gorgeous shimming LBD (little black dress) on the capable advice from Barb that I found for $20 at Victoria’s Closet!

The Creative Process

Collaborations like this, thrive on the fusion of idea’s, talents and perspectives. Barb and I embarked on this journey with brainstorming, lengthy conversations and racks of colourful garments with accessories. Our goal was to ensure that ALL BODY types, of ALL AGES, be a part of this fashion shoot. Barb would source the models and do the styling, while I provided my talents for lighting, posing and photography.

We were always keeping our commitment to authentic sustainability at the forefront.

The Collection: A Fusion of Style and Community

The result of our collaboration was a stunning collection of sustainable clothing and accessories captured for marketing/media purposes for both our businesses.

In the effortless blending of Barb’s styling expertise, with my knowledge of fashion shoots and portrait shoots. From the chic dresses and pants, to the glamour of gowns, every piece bore the hallmark of a shared vision.

What truly set the collaboration apart was our commitment to showcase sustainability in fashion (Victoria’s Closet whole business model), the cross marketing AND that we supported each other as female led small business women with other local community women.

The Impact: Beyond Fashion

This fashion collaboration isn’t just about stylish clothing and accessories; it’s meaning is to have a ripple effect.

It is hoped that it will encourage more people to support local small businesses, seek out talented stylists and most importantly, fall in love with sustainable fashion. It also inspired partnerships, talent, fun and an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon with everyone who was involved.

It is difficult enough as a small business, but when we collaborate with a ‘win-win-win’ for all involved, it lifts the spirit, in a celebration of shared values, goals and dreams!

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