Unlocking the Power of Consent

We don’t think we need to give ourselves permission right? But what do you unconsciously ‘stop‘ yourself from doing??? Just think about that for a moment…..

When we are hungry – we eat

When we are thirsty – we drink

When we are cold – we find some way to get warm

We do all the ‘basic’ and necessary things to survive, but what about making yourself the priority first? Before anyone else? Or anything else? For just 5 minutes of your day?

And I’m not talking about the easy stuff…. I’m talking about inviting yourself to reflect, to explore your own self knowledge, while developing your own creativity using the simple act of giving yourself permission and using a photograph that you’ve taken with your mobile phone as a visual reminder to yourself?

It’s something that I have committed myself to do, every day, for the month of October and I post about it in my Business Facebook Group and invited members to join in the world of intentional 5 minutes of self discovery a day.

I am a week in and to be bluntly honest……..this practice has completely changed me.

It has changed how I speak to myself, look at myself and it has forced me to really think hard about what I truly WANT for myself.

You see, I realised that I was not doing the things that I said outwardly that I say I was doing – I was not being honest or kind to myself. Being kind to others…..I do that in my sleep! But I was feeling worn out, discouraged and really uninspired. That’s when I read about an exercise about giving yourself permission from ANDANA and the penny dropped!

I have blocks. SO MANY BLOCKS!

Personally, mentally, spiritually and emotionally about myself because I was not thinking deeply about myself and what I desired. Truly, deeply desired!

It’s really fucking hard to be honest with yourself, and we keep carrying and believing in the bullshit we picked up along the way during our life. Things that were maybe wrapped in sandpaper, or unintentionally said, or something that we learnt, or that we were taught. Or maybe that thing that was said to us, was intended to be really fucking cruel and hurtful.

Yes, people, they are cruel at times. But it’s cruel of yourself to continue carrying all of that load and burden and to live a life of according to others opinions, ideas and limitations. And to unlock the power of consent for yourself, all you need to do is:

  1. Set aside 5 minutes of no interruptions. Go for a walk. Step outside in the sun. Lay down and close your eyes, however 5 minutes of no interruptions means and looks to you. (I go for a walk in my backyard every morning to do this).
  2. Say out loud or to yourself…. I Give Myself Permission To….. until you can complete the sentence with what it is you truly want to give yourself permission for, for that day. Some examples of mine are:
    • “I give myself permission to be weird.”
    • “I give myself permission to shine like a star.”
    • “I give myself permission to be fearless in my choices today.”
  3. Once you’ve given yourself permission, take a photo, using your mobile phone that represents that for you (some examples of mine are in the Gallery below).
  4. Then take a breath…..and continue on with your day.

You may not realise it, but what you are actually doing is setting yourself an intention for how and what you and your day will look like. You are actually moving (mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically) towards what you want; what you desire; what YOU need.

And over time, those intentions, they multiply; and we all know what happens when we live our lives with intention right ;).

After a week of doing this daily, my shoulders don’t feel so heavy and I stand more grounded…more certain of myself and my pathway ahead. I am more aware of the words that I use and the words that others use when they are around me. And if I don’t like what I hear, be that from me or others, I change the narrative.

This practice has been truly powerful and I highly recommend that you try it out for yourself and have a friend do it with you, because a desire shared, is a desire fulfilled.

I cannot WAIT to see all of the imagery that I will have created at the end of October that represents who I have become and will continue to become.

Let me know if you take up this challenge. I’d love to hear your insights and see the creative photos you take. Be safe. Be adventurous. Be creative.

Mel xoxoxox

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