Learning How To Aging Gracefully

In March 2024, I became 51 years old and I have learnt the art of how to age gracefully…

I have reached: half a century; aged like fine wine or a smooth single malt; left half of my life behind me; doing well for my age….. these are only some of the comments I have heard since my birthday came and went.

All of which are very valid. All of which are true.

None of which define me, who I am or the person I am still becoming.

Learning to love and fall in love, with your age is a very personal and often rocky road to travel. It’s a toss between loving and disliking ourselves. But its all learning, and I have learnt so much about myself.

And here is what aging has taught me….

There is and will always be, a preconceived idea about aging. This is a fact.

Aging is seen as something to dread. Our bodies don’t move like they used too or we have certain limitations that restrict or constrict us.

Then….. there is the droop; the sag; more wrinkles AND don’t forget the grey hair! Is it any wonder that aging is and considered ‘old’ is dreaded by anyone under 40!

And while all of these things may be true, we should never think that our age is irrelevant.

Because as humans, we are multifaceted, we are wise beyond others younger than us, we are cultured enough to know the difference between being kind and thoughtful, compared to being difficult about things.

And aging is a privilege that many many people do not receive.

When I think about all the women in my life who have influenced me, they are: my Grandmother, Aunts, Mentors, Scholars, Teachers, and so many others.

And not once, did it occur to me to look as them as old.

These women, they wore grace as a badge. They honoured themselves and their journey’s by sharing their knowledge and wisdom. And they would be in my corner to kick me up the bum or hug me with open love.

They are a blessing in my life that I have and will always cherish. I know that I would never have been able to navigate my own life without their influences. They taught me the how to age gracefully.

So the next time you spot a grey hair or a new wrinkle, be and say kind things to and about yourself.

Then go out and make the world see you exactly AS YOU ARE.

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How To Age Gracefully

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