How To Find Your Confidence

Even the most confident of people aren’t that confident all the time. Particularly in certain situations like: being on large stages and arena’s and or even the smaller intimate settings. These spaces can be pretty intimidating.

And its something that I have heard time and time again from influencers, the mentors that I’ve had over the years and also from the people that I listen and follow in podcasts and in my social spaces.

So why is it so hard to find your confidence and exactly how can you become confident?

Well let’s begin with the word ‘fear or fearless’. It is commonly said that to be confident you have to be fearless and in all honesty, I did think this was the case too. But I no longer personally believe in this thought.

Because evolution has taught us that fear has been a necessary part in our human existence. And that our brains needs fear to help us prepare and react to threats of things that may lay ahead of us. It was super important as humans, to be always be vigilant of threats, so that we could survive and stay safe. To this day, this very statement is even more prevalent.

But to be brave even when we fear something – that’s a whole different approach.

To be brave and have courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s because of it.

When you’re pushed outside of your comfort zone and taking steps (big or small), in the right direction necessary, even when we are fearful. That’s brave.

Brené Brown is quoted as saying – ‘Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness, will we discover the infinite power of our light.’

And to me, that sounds more like the person that I want to to be.

It’s also what my client tell me that they want to experience. Because doing a photo shoot can also be a very daunting, fearful experience; yet they choose do it anyway.

And the results from our photo shoot session together, speak for themselves.

Not only do my clients have incredibly fresh and updated imagery that they can now use for their marketing and professional needs; BUT more often than not, they make the decision to have timeless, gorgeous legacy’s portraits done as well. Because they want to give them to those who are the most important person/people in their lives, so that they can see, be proud of, and share the stories of that person with others.

Don’t you think that this one of the a bravest things to do?

To be vulnerable enough to be yourself in front of a camera, with no place to hide. Just the photographer and the you, sharing the journey’s of your life so that those stories can be etched into the photographs created for you.

Consider if you will, what this would do for your confidence. For anyone’s confidence for that matter!

When you physically see yourself in printed photographs, and this inspiring, strong, empowered and courageous woman is smiling back at you.

Would you cry? Gasp? Catch your breath? Laugh?

I can tell you that every single one of my clients react this way and more and all of them have said how much doing a photo shoot has changed how they show up in their lives and the people they love.

A photo shoot with a professional photographer BUILDS YOUR CONFIDENCE.

I have seen it far to many times for it NOT to be true. And it all begins with a single step of making an enquiry to book your own photo session with me HERE

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