Imposter Syndrome. Tell Me About It.

Have you felt like a phoney. A fraud. Not worthy of anything. Lonely. Alone. Lack of clarity. Denial. Do any of these sound familiar to you? I know they did for me…. feeling like an imposter occurred almost daily.

Standing bare butt naked, with all my scars revealed, in a room filled with people, who looks and whispers filled me with such guilt and shame. The pit of my stomach churns as I write this, because it is my worst nightmare, even though that has never happened (and I pray it never will!), the feeling I get is very visceral.

Many people that I have spoken too, have described it almost the exact same way that I do and every one of them, at one point in their lives, have felt like the imposter. Be it in relationships, new environment’s, events, functions, around family or even worse – in their own homes.

And it may surprise you that it is also one of the main contributing factors why people don’t do a photo shoot. Because they feel like a fraud and a phoney if they do something that has the possibility to expose them to ridicule or judgement from others.

Because we all have a deep desire to be liked. No. We all want to be loved. And there is no shame in that……is there??

Every time I stood onto a stage to speak, I felt like an imposter.

Every time I sat at a boardroom table, I felt like an imposter.

In my own very large and extended family, I have felt like an imposter.

So what do we do to not NOT feel like an imposter?

We. Find. Joy.

No one can shame you when you FEEL joy.

When you find that thing that lights you up, or connect with someone on a deep, personal, emotional level, or you fill your cup up with enthusiasm and pure love, no one can shame you.

When I have a camera in my hand, in a space that is warm and inviting, that I specifically created, I know that it is filled with care and love for the person who is entering it. Because I can feel it.

I feel that joy and excitement when the space is ready, and I am ready, for my clients to feel the very same way when they arrive too.

Mahatma Gandhi is quoted to have said:

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. Joy is prayer; joy is strength; joy is love; joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls. Happiness depends upon ourselves.

Find your joy. Let it light you up and fill your cup to overflowing. Then go out and do it again….. and again….. and again. And me and my camera is always ready and will be there to capture it for you. All you need do is ask XOXO

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