The Greatest Hurdle You’ve Overcome

The disease to please. From not being raised to know my own self value or worth.’ ‘A DV situation that crushed my soul mentally, physically, and emotionally.’ ‘Not having anyone around me that cared. It’s lonely being me at times.’ These are some of the responses I’ve heard when I have asked my clients what is the greatest hurdle you’ve overcome.

And you may question why I would ask such a personal question as this.

Because every person has a story. And that journey, like a great novel, has both happy and sad paths that have been taken, for them to become the person that they are today. I pride myself on being 100% committed to ensuring my clients privacy remains as that – private.

What they divulge to me during our sessions together, is completely sealed between us and not even makeup/hair artists and assistants have been privy to these very personal conversations.

There is heartbreak, hurt, trauma, guilt and shame that is shared. Theirs and mine.

And I am often told that my clients felt safe to share things that they would never and have never shared with anyone else. Which is usually followed by – ‘I don’t know why I’m telling you these things….’ – and the reason??

Because they feel safe. Because I can relate. Because I have been where they are. My journey isn’t all roses and sunshine; there has been darkness, loneliness, pain and extreme hurt. Personally, I have experienced:

-Good Girl Syndrome

-The Black Sheep Syndrome

-The Wallflower

-The Loner

-The Victim of Abuse



-Imposter Syndrome

-Racism, Misogyny, and Body Issues

This list doesn’t end there, and even as I write this, I am awe struck by the extensive length and breath of my own personal hurdles that I have been challenged by, faced head on, and can say with great pride, I have overcome.

Have you ever done that? Sat down and wrote out all the hurdles you’ve personally faced and overcome?? It is a very eye opening experience.

And who says that once you’re finished writing it down, you can’t burn it 😉

Anyone who is willing to put themselves in a position to be vulnerable, is the bravest person in my opinion. And to make a conscious decision to do a photo shoot is a very vulnerable step to undertake for any person. It is a genuine fear.

Which is why it is so very important to me, that the space for my clients is non-judgemental, open, warm and welcoming. Where the upfront conversations that we have, is something that THEY set the tone for, and I met them where they are at. I honour their realness, their rawness and their commitment to themselves to show up, no matter how anxious or scared they are.

I’ve always said, I am a storyteller of peoples lives through photographs.

But that would not be possible if my clients weren’t so willing to share their journey’s with me on such a deep and personal level. And that would not be possible without mutual trust, mutual respect and a personable connection between us.

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