And The Award’s Go To………

I was onto my 8th cup of coffee.

I was doing an unbelievable 27hr marathon of waiting…pacing….and more waiting for the announcements to come though.

Nerves frayed, expectations shot, mind in chaos, and just could not sit still.

I guess being judged by International Award Winning photographers will do that to a person!

This was my second time of entering The Portrait Masters Awardsan international portraiture award for professional photographers – and I was WAY more on edge than the first time!!!

I guess it’s because I don’t enjoy failing. I mean who does right??

But this wasn’t so much about me. This time it was more about leveling up my photography so that I KNEW that what I give to my clients was of the highest standards in quality.

Can I let you in on a secret…….it’s always about my clients – service, product, experience – everything I do is to be the best FOR THEM.

It’s my driver. My True North.

And I am AWLAYS learning, so I can maintain these high standards. So this time, for judging, I entered 10 images.

And 6 Award Winning Masters of Photography judges presented me with 7 BRONZE’S!!!

This means that my work IS of a high professional standard.

This means that I AM an Award Winning Photographer.

This means, that the dreams & passions of this little old girl from Rockhampton, Qld, Australia really are coming true.

This means that when I give my all……it comes back 10 fold.

AHHHHHHHH…….and now for sleep and dreams of my next entry submissions to The Portrait Masters Awards……

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