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Rockhampton Award Winning Photographer

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And when you face your fears because you KNOW you are so deserving of abundance in EVERY area of your life, you greet your fear and say – “Welcome. I’ve been waiting for you.”

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I was onto my 8th cup of coffee. I was doing an unbelievable 27hr marathon of waiting…pacing….and more waiting for the announcements to come though. Nerves frayed, expectations shot, mind in chaos, and just could not sit still. I guess being judged by International Award Winning photographers will do that to a person! This was […]

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I have never before entered any of my photography work into any awards, and I believe that was because I honestly thought that I wasn’t good enough, because I never finished school (my highest level of education is to year 9). The thought of having numerous eyes, inspect every little detail of the imagery that […]