Unlocking the Art in Photographs

In the world of photography, the ability to capture a moment is often celebrated. However, there’s an equally important, if not more crucial, aspect that often gets overlooked – the connection.

Creating a meaningful and lasting connections hinges on making my Clients feel seen and heard during a photo shoot with me, and I’ll explain why.

What do I term a successful photo shoot!?? It’s when emotion, story and authenticity can be seen in the imagery I create. Whether is a Boudoir, Portrait or Fine Art shoot, the essence will always lie in capturing the my Client with all of these factors included. I do this by establishing a deep connection and understanding that is genuine with all of my Clients.

Why Is Connection Important?

  1. Trust and Comfort: When my Clients feel seen and heard, we develop a mutual trust which makes their experience with me to be so comfortable, that they have no problem actually being in front of my camera. It’s like they have been waiting all their lives to be captured so that their true selves shine though.
  2. Authentic Expressions: When there is a genuine connection, the expressions come naturally and with ease. In many photographs that you see, the subject is looking ‘at’ or ‘through’ the photographer and their camera. There is no emotion. But because I connect with authenticity with my Clients, the real emotions come out and their photographs tell a story instead of being ‘staged’
  3. Enhanced Creativity: Clients who feel valued and understood, are often more open to creative suggestions, and I suggest creativity all the time! The creativity can come before the shoot, during the shoot or even after all the photographic shots have been taken. I call it ‘play’ and I encourage all of my Clients to push boundaries to create unique and memorable photographs that resonate only with them. It’s their time to let loose, be free, and just have fun!
  4. Repeat Business and Referrals: My Studio always receives referrals, because my Clients have the best time ever and are more likely to refer my services due to this! And many will return for future shoots because they’ve hit another milestone, or they want to always remind themselves just how incredible and unique they are. I never make any of my sessions about me (unless I am shooting for Awards work, which has a completely different experience attached to it), I always make the sessions about my Clients and I met them where they are.

How Do I Make My Clients Feel Seen and Heard?

  1. Active Listening: I ALWAYS pay close attention and listen to my Clients! I ask A LOT of questions to seek out their ideas and concerns – and then I shut up and just listen.
  2. Open Communication: Communication is key and am always communicating with my clients about the vision, their styling, their fears or concerns. Everything is open for discussions, even down to the type of lighting they prefer, because some people have light sensitivity and I need to ensure they are comfortable at all costs. And I am not pushy. My approach has always been, friendly with open body language.
  3. Respect Spaces and Boundaries: People’s personal space is sacred. Hence why I am always mindful of it. Some of my Clients are quite shy, introverted or have come out of difficult relationships and I am always asking my Clients of their boundaries in regards to personal space and I ALWAYS before I approach them, if it’s okay to do so or I’ll ask their partner to adjust things for me. It’s respectful. And I hold my Client’s in the highest of respect.
  4. Empowerment: I always encourage my Clients to be themselves and I would never has any Client to do something that I have not done myself. I am always encouraging to my Client and I celebrate their individuality.
  5. Feedback: I share what I see in my camera with my Client during our session together and this always gets them so excited. Because someone else is showing to them, what they can’t or have trouble seeing – that they are incredible!
  6. Post-Photo Shoot Connection: Follow up is important. I will always reach out to my Client after the session and get their input about how they felt their session went and if there is anything that I could improve on for Client experience. I let them know that I won’t be offended by anything they say, because I am not ‘precious’ and their input will be making the next person’s experience richer and deeper. I’ll let them know I post a sneak peak on my social business pages and they receive an excited text message from me when they are up! I will also send them my review link and be forever grateful if they could post a review about my services, their products or their experience of a photo shoot with me. Many of my Clients have written the most heartfelt and beautiful reviews because of the transformative and powerful connection we’ve made.

There are many photographers in the world, but only a few that understand that capturing moments is only the beginning of what we do. Building authentic, meaningful connections with Clients, ensuring they are valued, seen and heard is the true secret sauce to turning a good photo shoot into a remarkable one.

It’s the key to unlocking genuine expressions, creating a lasting experience and fostering a loyal following can Client base. So remember, the next time you are seeking out your photographer, take note of what he/she is saying and ask yourself – do I feel connected to want to work with this person!?

Take care, and if you’d like to work with me to create your incredible piece of art, you can connect with me HERE

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