Be Selfish! It’s Okay…..

We are often doing for others, but how much do we do for ourselves!???

As a wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, I know that I was ALWAYS doing things for other and completely ignoring my own things. And by things, I mean – time, dreams, goals, etc. You see…. it was imbedded into me that when we do things for ourselves, we are being selfish.

But let’s explore this…..

How many times have you dropped everything you were doing to ‘fix’ a situation for family/friends. BUT when it came time for those family and friends to return the favour, it never came to pass?

When was the last time you brought yourself something that costs more than a couple of hundred dollars and didn’t feel like that money WOULD be better spent elsewhere?

And how does it make you feel when it seems like everyone else around your was getting ahead or that they had all those things that you really wanted but never accepted that you could too!??

If being selfish is protecting your mindset and exploring your capabilities, then isn’t that what life is all about!

This is the exact conversations that I have with women WANTING to do a boudoir shoot, but thinking that they shouldn’t or that they can’t.

The single most exact comment that EVERY woman says to me after doing her boudoir shoot is –

“I am so happy that I did this.

I feel so much better about me and my body.”

Now……go ahead and tell me that YOU don’t deserve this experience! Because I know that you do xoxo


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